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Welcome to Physicians Medical Center of Santa Fe Hospital

We are honored to serve you and our community here in beautiful Santa Fe. We are dedicated to your good health and peace of mind, which begins with providing you the finest care through our outstanding doctors and staff. This facility has been designed to make each and every patient's visit relaxed and comfortable, utilizing state-of-the-art technology and treatment services which further assist our mission of providing the very best healthcare services.

Mission Statement

To provide our community individually focused state-of-the-art healthcare in a safe nurturing environment staffed by highly motivated professionals utilizing the most modern technologies.

Why should you consider Physicians Medical Center of Santa Fe Hospital?
  • Physicians Medical Center of Santa Fe Hospital accepts most major insurances. Physicians Medical Center of Santa Fe Hospital focuses on serving its community – all are welcomed.
  • Physicians Medical Center of Santa Fe Hospital patients receive the best surgical and post-operative care. Patients experience this, as proven by a remarkable 96% positive patient-satisfaction rating!
  • After thousands of cases, Physicians Medical Center of Santa Fe Hospital can boast an extremely low infection rate. Physicians Medical Center of Santa Fe Hospital's focus is surgery only, greatly reducing the risk of potentially dangerous germs entering the environment via infectious patients.
  • Patients can make surgical schedules based on their plans, not the hospital's. With Physicians Medical Center of Santa Fe Hospital as a choice, patients no longer experience months of anxiety waiting for their surgery.
  • Physicians Medical Center of Santa Fe Hospital patients enjoy a very low patient-to-nurse ratio. Prompt, personal care and attention is assured by our highly trained nursing staff.
  • Patients are surrounded by beautiful, private rooms and baths. Spacious, private rooms are designed and furnished to make comfort and sense of well-being a priority. Physicians Medical Center of Santa Fe Hospital patients also enjoy meals chosen from seasonal menus prepared by a personal chef.

For Patients

Before Your Appointment with Us

By this time, you and your doctor have discussed your procedure. If you have any new questions prior to your appointment with us, please contact your doctor to make sure any concerns are addressed and reassured. One of our nurses will be contacting you by phone a few days prior to your appointment to go over specific details. Many questions at that time will also be honored or reconfirmed. This conversation is designed to further prepare you and to help you make plans — your comfort and peace of mind are very important to us. Prior to your procedure date, if you experience any change in your health or physical condition — even a cold or fever, be sure to contact your doctor.

You will need to make arrangements ahead of time to have family or a friend drive you home after surgery and remain with you through the night, as your doctor directs. Any difficulty with this important point needs to be communicated when the nurse calls prior to your appointment.

The Day Before

Do not eat any solid foods after midnight. Clear liquids are permitted up to eight hours before your arrival at the medical center. We recommend you bathe or shower before arriving. This minimizes the risk of infection. Shampooing your hair is also recommended. If you have an early morning appointment, you can bathe or shower the night before.

Unless instructed specifically from your doctor, if you are diabetic, do NOT take insulin or any other diabetic medication. When our nurse calls you prior to your appointment, please have your list of medications ready to read, such as Coumadin, Heparin, Lovenox, Plavix, or blood pressure prescriptions. The nurse will give you instructions as to what medications to take, or not to take.

The Day Of Surgery

We want you to be comfortable and relaxed. On the day of your surgery, wear loose fitting clothing that can be easily removed and stored. Shoes should be soft and casual. Please remove and leave all jewelry (including any body piercing items) at home. If you ordinarily wear contacts, please remove them. Bring glasses, hearing aides and dentures with their cases for storage. And also, please no make-up. As you enter our front doors, please check in with the receptionist, who will notify your nurse and announce your arrival. Relax and have a seat.

  • Guests: We ask that you have no more than two guests accompanying you to the medical center — the privacy and comfort of our patients is important. Your guests may stay with you up till the time of your surgery, and then may wait in our waiting room during your procedure. Your doctor or nurse will speak to your guest about your condition once the surgery is completed. We encourage small children to remain in good care, at home.
  • Special Inpatient Services: If your procedure requires an overnight stay with us, we are pleased to provide full service inpatient care and attention. Your needs and those of any family member or guest that choose to stay with you overnight will be attended to by our highly skilled nurses and support staff whose care is centered on your healing. Spa quality amenities and services along with our critically trained patient care team promote your health and well being.

After Your Procedures

Each patient's recovery time is very individual — anywhere from 30 minutes to a few hours is typical. After your surgery, your anesthesiologist will determine how much time you will need in our recovery room. Your nurse will inform you when you are medically ready to leave our facility. Discharge instructions will be reviewed with the person accompanying you, and a written copy of the instructions will also be given for careful review.

For Visitors

Welcome to the Physicians Medical Center of Santa Fe Hospital. We are a specialty surgical hospital focused on elective inpatient and out patient surgical services. If you are accompanying a patient who is having surgery we would like to thank you for providing this valuable support to your loved one. It is important that you feel at home while you are waiting, so we provide a comfortable lobby area with free coffee, hot chocolate, and buffet lunch to all of our waiting quests. There are free daily news papers and magazines available. We also have free wireless internet service available throughout the facility.

Some areas of the hospital have restricted access for patient privacy and safety and may limit the number of family members that may visit a patient at any given time. For patient comfort and privacy we request that no more than two people accompany a patient to the hospital. We encourage small children to remain in good care, at home. We ask that if you or any other visitor is feeling ill, please refrain from visiting patients while they are in the hospital to protect them from outside infections.

Interpreter Services:

Interpreter services are available for a variety of languages and the hearing impaired. Please let your physician know that that service is required when scheduling your surgery so that this will be available to you and your family during your visit. For your convenience the medical center reception staff will arrange for these services in advance of your stay.

Our Hours of Operation:

The Main Lobby is open from 6:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday.

Patient Visiting Hours are 24 hours per day, seven days a week with limited traffic allowed through the north entrance between 6:00 pm and 7:00 am. Please use the intercom system at the Patient Pick-Up area to access the building during these hours.

Programs & Services

Physician Medical Center of Santa Fe Hospital offers patients the latest techniques in surgical treatment for a variety of conditions. Our surgeons utilize the latest innovations in Laparoscopic, Endoscopic, Laser Technologies and Joint Replacement materials available in healthcare today. PMC partners with the most experienced staff of motivated providers available in Northern New Mexico to provide our patients with the best surgical experience possible.

Our Surgeons are Specialists In:

  • General Surgery
  • Diagnostic and Therapeutic GI Endoscopic Procedures
  • Orthopedic Surgery
  • Spine Surgery
  • Gynecological Procedures
  • Ear, Nose & Throat Procedures
  • Podiatric Surgery
  • Urological Procedures
  • Plastic Surgery
  • Oral Surgery
  • Internal Medicine

Physicians Medical Center of Santa Fe is committed to seeking out and the latest advances in surgical technologies and practices to provide exceptional clinical outcomes, safety and patient satisfaction. Please look for the latest advances coming to PMC in the News and Events portion of the website.

Insurance Information

We accept all commercial insurance carriers with in network or out of network benefits. We treat Workers Compensation, Medicare and Medicaid patients. Our business office personnel are available to help with your insurance concerns at (505) 428-5450 .

Employment Opportunities

Dietary Department:
1 Position (per-diem) Dietary Aide:
Assists dietary staff in meal preparation and service as well as assisting in kitchen maintenance.
This position is scheduled for 24 hours per week or as needed.

Radiology Department:
1 Position (per-diem) Radiology Technologist:
OR experience preferred, must e available for moderate amount of night and weekend call duty.

Surgical Services Department:
2 Positions (per-diem) Recovery Room Registered Nurse:
Previous Recovery room or ICU experience required, Current ACLS and PALS certification preferred.

PMC Application for Employment
Please click the link above to download the PMC Application. Complete the form and send back as an attachment to

General Inquiries please email:
Ray Jette, RRT
Patient Services Manager
Physicians Medical Center of Santa Fe

Physicians Medical Center of Santa Fe Hospital
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