Santa Fe Convention Center

Santa Fe Convention Center

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Plan visits to Santa Fe's world-famous art galleries and museums to see traditional and contemporary art, including works by Georgia O'Keeffe. Take a trip to nearby Indian Pueblos . Discover great places to ski and enjoy a geo-caching adventure and other outdoor activities . Santa Fe is a top spot for romantic vacations, too, whether you're planning your perfect wedding , honeymoon or anniversary. Come visit one of America's most popular travel destinations, and let Santa Fe work its charm on you! Click here to view a map of downtown Santa Fe. See our map of memorable Road Trips .

As a world-renowned travel destination unparalleled in richness of history , heritage, arts and culture , you'll be nestled in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, the foothills of the Rockies, immersed in natural beauty, with an average of 325 days of sunshine and blue sky. Come and prepare for your perfect day in Santa Fe.

Our Facilities

The new Santa Fe Convention Center makes the city an even more desirable venue for meeting professionals and organizations of all sizes. The 72,000-square-foot Convention Center offers 40,000 square-feet of indoor flexible meeting space and state-of-the-art audio/visual capabilities on par with the nation's other great convention and conference facilities.

You're most definitely not in Kansas anymore.

Designed sustainably--so that future generations can enjoy our natural splendor as much as you.
Santa Fe, New Mexico, is one of the great destination cities of the world. For visitors, meeting planners and adventurers alike, Santa Fe provides historic surroundings, enduring cultures, timeless beauty, and sophisticated food and hospitality, making it a perfect location for your next meeting, conference or convention.

Santa Fe is nestled in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, the southern most sub-range of the Rocky Mountains, at an altitude of just over 7,000 feet. The city occupies over 37 square miles in the upper Rio Grande valley just below mountains that reach above 12,000 feet. Thousands of acres of national forest and wilderness surround the city, and yet it is only an hour's drive to the Albuquerque International Airport.

Founded in 1610 and known as the "City Different," Santa Fe is the oldest state capital in the United States. The City's signature adobe architecture, tree-shaded Plaza, and winding streets make the city feel more like a foreign destination than one of America's most historic places. Its friendly people, laid back pace, temperate climate, and welcoming hospitality make this distinctive city one of the top destinations in the country.

How can you expect to come up with new ideas when surrounded by shades of gray?

Santa Fe Convention Center
201 W. Marcy Street
Santa Fe, NM 87501
(505) 955-6200

Maximum Group Size: 2,100 ppl (Theater Seating)

The convention center is a highly adaptable, state-of-the-art facility in which to gather and work. Features of the center include 40,000 square feet of rentable interior meeting space, outdoor meeting areas, fireplaces in some rooms, underground parking, an open interior courtyard, wireless connectivity, high-speed data lines, and flexible meeting space to provide multiple events with their own exhibition area, breakout rooms, and meal function space.

Visions inspired by the high desert are nothing new.

Planning and confirming your next event at the Santa Fe Community Convention Center is a simple process through which you will be guided by our seasoned and professional Sales and Convention Services team.

The Convention Center calendar of available dates can be explored with a phone call or email.

In order to serve the array of conferences, meetings and local events we host:
- We will hold and confirm dates for bookings that arrange 500 or more room nights booked through the SFCVB . This planning and confirmation of dates can occur at any time prior to the event dates. Note, however, that the issuance of contracts further out than three(3) years will be at the discretion of the SFCVB .
- In the instance that 500 contracted room nights is not part of the planning, event/meeting dates will be honored ten (10) months prior to the desired date(s). If your preferred date(s) are available at the ten month mark, a contract will be issued.

Documentation for Confirmation - SFCVB-Related

Your Sales Manager and assigned Convention Services Manager will be with you every step of the planning and confirmation process that includes:
- Signing a Use License Agreement - your Contract
- Deposit for your space hold and ultimate confirmation, due upon signing your contract. Additional payments to satisfy all facility charges prior to the event will be presented in a schedule.
- Request for proof of Insurance, naming the City of Santa Fe as an additional insured entity.
- An Estimate, based on your input of extraordinary needs for your event such as staging, additional electrical power, will be provided when required for your budget forecasting.

Other Arrangements - Outside-Providers
- Catering & Alcohol
- AV
- Security
- Parking
- Special Events License (if applicable)

In summary, we are honored and gratified that you have chosen Santa Fe for your gathering. We would be remiss to not brag about the experience we offer in our Gold LEED Certified facility which is defined by its sustainability, energy and water efficiency, content of materials and resources as well as indoor environmental quality and design. We encourage a partnership with you in this `green' fulfillment of recycling, conserving and embracing the concept of a building with a vision for the future.

Opened in late 2008, our Convention Center delivers the flexibility of space (both indoor and out) that you need while capitalizing on the cultural and artistic sources for which we are known. This is THE unconventional Convention Center - a surprise concoction of light and ambience befitting its home, Santa Fe.

LEED - "Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design"

Convention Center LEED Certification Information

"Environmentally responsible" is the term used to define a green building. Helping establish that responsibility is LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Certification which considers site sustainability, water efficiency, energy efficiency, content of materials and resources, indoor environmental quality and innovative design.

The Santa Fe Community Convention Center earned its LEED Gold Certification credits in a number of ways:
  • Eighty-eight percent of the materials were salvaged and recycled from the demolition of the city's old convention center.
  • Seventy-five percent, by weight, of the waste generated on the site during construction of the new convention center was recycled.
  • The new building was constructed on the same site as the former convention center.
  • The parking garage is underground at the new building and not developed in a different location.
  • The proximity of the Transit Center to the Civic Center promotes public transportation and bicycle racks were installed on the grounds of the new building to promote alternative methods of transportation.
  • A garden roof eliminates heat collection and provides natural insulation.
  • There are three 15,000 gallon water catchment tanks for landscaping irrigation set in the ground underneath the garage floor.
  • A sophisticated CO2 monitoring system installed in the garage monitors levels of CO2 and activates an exhaust system if safe levels are exceeded.
  • All of the exterior timber was reclaimed from the nearby Sierra Blanca forest fire.
  • All paints used on the project contain the lowest level of Volatile Organic Compounds available insuring better indoor air quality.
  • Exterior walkways are made from porous brick pavers to reduce water run-off.
  • There are three recycling areas located throughout the center.
  • There are skylights in the center's public spaces lowering electricity use.
  • Non-volatile carpet is used throughout the building.
  • All cleaning products are green.

Smaller events will not be at a loss for space in Santa Fe, as the city offers an additional 184,000 square feet of unique venues. Host a reception in the foyers, exhibit spaces and courtyards of many available museums or galleries, which feature diverse collections of every possible art form. Many Santa Fe Restaurants make a fantastic private event space for smaller lunch and dinner events. To take advantage of the 325 days of sunshine a year, Santa Fe also offers many outdoor venues, covering the spectrum, from gardens to golf courses.

No matter the size of your event Santa Fe has a venue to fit your every need.

View details of unique meeting and conference venues in Santa Fe.

Our experienced staff can mean the difference between an uphill battle and a walk in the park.

Group Lodging
Service Providers
Vendor & Exhibitor Services
Vendor Permits
Letter to Special Event Vendors
Special Event License Application
Vendor Tax Instructions
Vendor Tax Report Form

CRS numbers can also be obtained on the same day at select online services and register your business.

At an altitude of 7,000 feet is it any wonder our staff have lofty standards?

Space Request
Santa Fe Community Convention Center
201 W. Marcy Street
Santa Fe, NM 87501

Director of Sales
Christine Madden

Executive Director
James C. Bradbury

The following provider is suggested for shipping & receiving services within the Santa Fe Convention Center:

Pakmail 369 Montezuma, Santa Fe, NM 87501
505/989-7380 / 505/989-7381 (Fax)

Services provided by Pakmail:

  • Receiving
  • Delivery
  • Pick up
  • Outbound shipping services

  • Incoming processing fee $50.00
  • Delivery to your booth (up to 20 boxes/crates) $50.00
  • Delivery to your booth (20-50 boxes/crates) $75.00
  • Pick up from your booth (up to 20 boxes/crates) $50.00
  • Pick up from your booth (20-50 boxes/crates) $75.00
  • Delivery/Pick up from your booth (Over 50 boxes/crates) Negotiated
  • Outgoing Processing Fee $50.00
  • 1 week (up to 50 boxes/crates) of storage before or after your event No charge
  • 1 week (more than 50 boxes/crates) of storage before and/or after your event Negotiated

Don't be surprised by the quality of the food in Santa Fe, we've had 1,500 years to perfect it.

Approved Caterers

The following providers have been approved for catering services within the Santa Fe Convention Center:
Burke Catering 505/
View Menu

Cowgirl BBQ 505/982-2565
View Menu

Eldorado Hotel 505/995-4571
View Menu

Hilton Santa Fe Historic Plaza 505/988-2811 end_of_the_skype_highlighting
View Menu

Holy Spirit Espresso 505/920-3664

Hotel Santa Fe 505/955-7814
View Menu

La Boca 505/983-2425
View Menu

La Fonda Hotel 505/
View Menu

Luminaria Restaurant at Inn & Spa at Loretto 505/984-7914
View Menu

Peas `n' Pod Catering 505/438-2877

Realburger 505/699-5392
Rio Chama Steakhouse 505/955-0765
View Menu

Santa Fe Catering Co. 505/231-6732

Approved Alcohol Providers

The following providers have been approved for alcohol service within the Santa Fe Convention Center:

Cowgirl BBQ 505/982-2565

Eldorado Hotel 505/995-4571

Hilton Santa Fe Historic Plaza 505/988-2811

Hotel Santa Fe 505/955-7814

La Casa Sena 505/988-9232

La Fonda Hotel 505/995-2320

Liquor Barn-Fine Wine Shop 505/471-3960

Luminaria Restaurant at Inn & Spa at Loretto 505/984-7914

Rio Chama Steakhouse 505/955-0765

Rodeo Plaza Liquors 505/473-2867

Santa Fe Brewing Co. 505/424-3333

Santa Fe Catering Co. 505/231-6732



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